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Storage as it should be
We're reimagining people's relationship with their space and belongings. Whether you're starting a family, renovating, or downsizing, we know that you cherish what you own and could use a little help getting from A-Z. Trove makes managing your belongings as simple as it should be.
Beyond re-inventing storage, we aspire to enable people to spend less time managing their things and more time doing what they want. We're bringing together a team of problem solvers who believe in this vision and share a set of common values: a profound sense of ownership, a desire to bring joy to the day-to-day, and a curiosity for the truth.
Sales Lead
As Trove's first full-time salesperson, you'll lead Trove's sales efforts. Your overall objective will be to define and implement Trove's sales strategy. You'll report directly to the CEO, and play an integral role in the most important part of our business: establishing trust with our clients.
Operations Manager
The operations team is the heartbeat of Trove and contributes to everything we do: sales, support, partner management, strategy, product, finance, and ad-hoc projects. On this team, you'll create and execute Trove's strategy for customer engagement and moving/storage operations. In this role, you'll think strategically while still getting your hands dirty.
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