Full Circle

January 5, 2018

Full Circle

January 5, 2018

On Curio9, we’ll regularly showcase the singular prized possessions of ordinary people, and tell their stories about how this link to the past actually anchors them in the present. Think of it as a standard if-your-house-were-on-fire inventory of your most important personal effects, things so special they surpass a mere spark of joy, whether it’s your great-aunt’s tattered copy of Virginia Woolf’s feminist manifesto, A Room of One’s Own, or a 1975 World Series homerun ball cracked from the bat of Carlton Fisk or a humble wooden cooking spoon, darkly patinaed from a century of soup-stirring. So, tell us: What would you take with you?

Full Circle

Jacky Recchiuti’s wedding band is far from the literal gold standard that signifies ‘til-death-do-us-part devotion for the majority of the nation’s dearly beloveds. Beyond the considerable heft of the sterling-silver Serge Thoraval ring, a perfect fit among Recchiutti’s “masculine”-style jewelry (“I’m not really a frilly person,” she says), its most significant attribute is the engraved quote—an entire stanza—from Cyrano de Bergerac. The turn-of-the-century play by dramatist Edmond Rostand, adapted nearly 100 years later for the Steve Martin comedy, Roxanne, is about the afar affections of a heroic French nobleman for a beautiful heiress.

A kiss, how would you define a kiss?

It’s an oath taken very close by,

A so very precise pledge,

A confession finally disclosed,

A pink dot firmly set on the i of loving.

For Recchiuti and her husband of 26 years, Michael, who also wears a Thoraval creation, such a cherishing declaration transcends the mere value of its words—after all, the ring, which replaces a timeworn gold band inset with citrine and rubies, was chosen as a symbol of a hard-won new chapter in their lives together. “We had a little rough patch in our marriage and we separated for a couple of years to figure things out,” Recchiuti explains, citing the inevitable complications that arise when a longtime married couple runs a successful business together (in this case, Recchiuti Confections, based in San Francisco); their deep connection only making it easier to push each other’s buttons. “This ring represents a letting-go of the negative past, our very own fresh start.” A silver circle firmly set on the i of loving.

Photography by
Alex Farum
Published on
January 5, 2018
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