Let Trove take care of the heavy lifting

When you choose Trove, you are choosing a partner who’ll help manage your belongings and make sure you get the most out of your space (not to mention your time and energy). Here’s how a typical Trove experience might go.
Schedule pickup

Schedule your pickup

Choose a date and time. If you like, Trove can send you free packing supplies beforehand, otherwise your movers will bring these the day of, when they’ll also be happy to pack your belongings—including wrapping and disassembling furniture—at no extra charge.
Schedule pickup online or give us a callShape(415) 966-4357
Day of pickup
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Day of pickup

Day of pickup

Good morning! Today’s a big day, and Trove will be there to help you out every step of the way.
— See your movers arriving in real time.
Movers arrive
— Shane, one of our moving partners
Say hello to your expert movers.

Ready to move

Trove partners with the best local movers to provide a professional, friendly, customized storage experience. We coordinate closely with you and them to ensure a timely, efficient pickup.
Learn about our partners
Prep for storage
Your work here is done.

Pack, prep, and go

Our movers will prepare your items for storage, including wrapping furniture and packing boxes. Complimentary packing materials are included. After being photographed (see next step below), your items will be loaded carefully and transported to a secure storage facility.
Keep track of your treasures, anytime.

Check out your Trove

Your Trove is a personal inventory of photographs that lets you keep track of everything you have stored with us. It’s the perfect reference for any time you’d like to schedule a return.
Items stored
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Safe and sound

We partner with secure, private storage facilities, where your items will be organized efficiently, locked in an isolated vault, and monitored 24 hours a day.
— One of our partner facilities
Request a return
With just a few clicks, your belongings are back on your doorstep.

Schedule your returns

Whenever you’d like, you can access your Trove to schedule a return for any of your items. Our movers will return them safely and securely to your home within 7 days.
Let us give you a hand (or two) with your storage needs