We can’t wait to hear your story, and to become a part of it

Whether preserving the past or planning for the future, every Trove customer has their own unique storage story. Here are a few of our favorites.
From bad to worse to way better
Favorite item in storage
Ski equipment
I sold my house in July 2016. The buyers wanted to close fast and so rather than sorting through decades’ worth of belongings, I put a bunch of stuff in storage. I ended up with two giant self-storage units, but the prices kept going up. I moved to a different warehouse…and my prices still went up. I tried calling the company, and the "customer service rep" got angry with me and I ended up apologizing for trying to not get ripped off.
Then I called Trove and Mike answered. He told me he knew what I was going through. It meant a lot to me that he understood.
On my pickup day, two really big, really nice guys came to help me move my things. They were funny and really efficient. I would definitely use them again.
Since then, everything has gone smoothly. I’ve already retrieved my golf clubs and it was easy to do. With summer coming up, I think my tennis rackets are next!
Beginner’s luck
Favorite item in storage
Yarn spinning wheel
When my husband and I decided to move to a smaller place, we knew we’d need to store some things. I’d never used storage before, but I’d helped friends do it, and I knew what a pain it could be. We have a lot of stuff – my husband’s a master Lego builder and I’m pretty crafty (I even make my own yarn with an antique spinning wheel!)—and we knew it wouldn’t all fit in our new home. My husband came across Trove while doing research; we loved the full-service aspect and decided to give it a try.
I’m so glad we did. I loved knowing exactly how much I’d be spending before the movers even came. When they did come, they were quick and efficient. I was even able to check out my own Trove photo inventory while they were still loading the truck!
Moving houses is such a stressful experience – I’m so glad we had Trove to handle every aspect of the storage, so that we could focus on everything else.
Done with D.I.-Why?
Favorite item in storage
Comfy couch
After five years in San Francisco, my partner and I felt like it was time for a change and decided to move up to Seattle.
We’d done our own moving and used self-storage before, and at this point in our lives, the appeal of DIY had started to wane. Getting a U-Haul, driving everything up three big states, not our idea of fun…also, possibly an early end to our marriage.
Trove was exactly what we needed. Our movers, Chris and Kenzo from Gentle Giant, were fast and friendly, and it was clear they knew what they were doing. I was also happy to find that they’d both been with Gentle Giant for a years – low turnover is a great indicator of a good moving company.
Now we are happily settled in Seattle, and our belongings are close by whenever we want to get to them. And in the meantime, I love that I can keep track of them with the digital Trove inventory!